Jack preston
and tells you to get out and vote!
9/15/2020 08:54 AM PT

Jack Preston appears to have accidentally leaked a very NSFW image of himself and in the process sent Twitter into a frenzy talking about his, uh, All American.

While playing a game, Jack shared to twitter an unedited video clip of his gallery on his phone, which accidentally revealed a photo of what was believed to be his erect penis.

The video was quickly removed by Jack, but the internet already did its job, and screenshots of the pic were spread around Twitter. However, the Captain America star was supported by his fans, and even a few of his costars also spoke up in support of the actor.

Better yet, Jack used the flub to bring attention to a rightful cause, urging his followers to make sure they go out and vote.

Jack Preston
Now that I have your attention....GO VOTE ON NOV 3RD!!!
11:02 AM - 14 Sep 2018
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Captain America was just on the Tamron Hall Show and briefly addressed the penis pic ... saying it was a lesson learned. He also thanked his fans for their outpouring support. He was a pretty good sport about it.