Mama Taylor

Tell her I said hello! You both are too cute.
Haha thanks ma, she says hello to you, too.
Jamie, I don't think I've ever seen you this happy. I know it was quick but you are just so happy that it makes me happy.
Yeah I really am happy. I mean things aren't perfect, but I'm happy as can be.
What do you mean? Are you two having issues?
Fuck no lmao. I meant like in general, not anything to do with Vi. We're great.
What's going on my little bumblebee?
Just the usual shit, settling down after tour has ended.
You get like this, just keep busy and channel into good stuff. Always my little bumblee. Buzz buzz!
Haha, yep, you know it.
There isn't anything else is there? Need to talk with doc?
No, I'm good.
Talk to doc!!
Okay. I know you wouldn't lie to me.
Shit, don't guilt trip me into talking to my therapist please lmao
Not a guilt trip if your honest! Love you! Heart heart heart!
Lmao. I think you tried to send an emoji? You have to type that, you can't use your voice. Love you too. ❤

Dr. Gary Fuller

November 4 at 11:16 AM

Hello. This is an automated message for Jamie Rosado. Jamie has an appointment with Dr. Fuller tomorrow, November 5th at 10:00am. If you need to change or cancel this appointment, please contact the office reservation line at 555-848-8000. Thank you.
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Sinners Squad
What are all you fuckers doing for Thanksgiving?
Simon Rosado
Not eating turkey, if you're Lydia and her new vegetarian kick.
Lydia Rosado
More power to you! I need my bacon.
Simon Rosado
She watched way too many documentaries.
Lydia Rosado
Don't be mad at me because I'm healthier than you are!
Simon Rosado
Uhhh all those empty ramen cups in your dorm trash sure are healthy alright.
No seriously, are both of you going to be at Ma's?
Lydia Rosado
Of course I will, I'm not staying in my fucking dorm all break.
Simon Rosado
Nope, I won't be there I'm going to Amsterdam.
Wtf dude?!
Lydia Rosado
Just for the record, I'm out here getting an education so that I don't end up a 32 year old sugar baby like Simon
Lydia Rosado
Simon Rosado
His name is Halo and we're just friends.
Simon are you fucking kidding.
Simon Rosado
Lmao nope, I saw his driver's license.
Lydia Rosado
HALO! There is nothing angelic about what you two are going to be doing on your trip.
You're a fucking dick dude!!!!
Lydia Rosado
*sucking dick, he means
Simon Rosado
I hate you Dee!
I'm not fucking kidding, this isn't fucking funny you prick. You have all fucking year to run around Europe, why the fuck are you abandoning your family DURING THE HOLIDAYS?
Lydia Rosado
Jamie, really?
Lydia Rosado
We don't even spend every holiday together. What's up?
Simon Rosado
Woah dial it down bro.
Are you going to be there or do you just not fucking care about us anymore?
Simon Rosado
Yeah that's not it and you know it, redirect or breathe or something 'cause I don't know why you're pissed right now but it's not at me.
Lydia Rosado
Jamie you're clearly having an episode. TELL ME WHAT IS UP
Nothing. Nevermind, enjoy your trip or whatever.
Lydia Rosado
Did something upsetting happen? Did you talk to our mom?
Simon Rosado
Yeah I will! You can text me when you've calmed down.
Lydia Rosado
Don't add to the fucking drama, Simon, geez. Jammy jam, I'm calling you.
Apology accepted I guess
I'm sorry for wanting to spend the holidays with my brother.
Come on what did you talk to Dee about?
Jamie you haven't lost me, you KNOW that
No, sorry, that's not directed at you, that's how I'm feeling right now. I really did lose someone close to me.
Holy shit what happened??
We had a falling out and now she's literally not talking to me anymore.
I'm sorry about flipping out. I know I freaked for all the wrong reasons as usual. But you kinda blindsided me.
I'm sorry you're going through this, I really am. But my trip isn't me blindsiding you. I'm just going on vacation, I'm not leaving your life, I'm your fucking brother for Christ's sake. Shit, I thought you had talked to our mother or something the way you went off. I haven't really seen you act like this for something that wasn't her shameful judgemental mumbo jumbo left on your voicemail. So I'm at least glad that this isn't about Helena. But whatever's going on, maybe it can be fixed?
No, it's fucking done. All those years, just fucking gone.
Who'd you have a falling out with? Not a professional relationship, at least?
No. You already know.
It's not like that at all.
Simon I'm really fucking sad about this right now, stop.
I'm sorry. Maybe it's for the best. Focus on the good bro.
Seriously.....what's good?
Everything else. You guys. My career. and Vi. I'm in love. I'm going to focus on the good.
But also, and don't get mad at me, but don't break that girl's heart she seems really sweet. And young.
Damn, I'm not going to do that. Am I that big of a piece of shit?
NOT what I'm saying. You just seem... conflicted. There's a lot of history you're ignoring here.
Not anymore, there isn't.
Oct 02, 2019 12:09 AM
it's not easy for me! but i don't know how much more hurt i can take in such an amount of time from you.
i'm not going to hurt you anymore! please, at least let me show you that.
i'm sorry, jamie, but i don't feel confident with that right now.
Nov 06, 2019 1:24 AM
Maybe we'll never talk again, I don't know. But I just wanted you to know how much you mean to me. But you went from telling me I'm a marvelous wonder to treating me like shit because we don't see things the same way. God, I miss you so much, and I realize it's because of how you make me feel. Maybe I need to find that feeling on my own instead of relying on you for it all the time.
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Dr. Gary Fuller
Nov 06, 2019 11:00 AM
Hi Jamie. I'm just checking in because you missed your appointment this week. Would you like to reschedule?
Nov 06, 2019 4:09 PM
It is up to you. I am here if you need to discuss anything.