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    Watch Jamie Rosado Team Up With Jimmy Fallon and The Roots to Cover Queen's "Under Pressure"

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    IF YOU HAVEN'T BEEN CATCHING THEM, MAKE SURE YOU WATCH JAMIE ROSADO'S TWITCH STREAMS!!! He has literally been hanging out with his fans online for the past month or so during all this COVID-19 headache and it has been glorious. These are my favorite screen caps, of when he just chilled and smoked on the balcony at his house and said hi to everyone, and then one night he just made a fucking stir fry, like literally live streamed MAKING DINNER and I cannot with him, he's so perfect it hurts!!!

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    Jamie Rosado photographed by Mario Sorrenti for CR Men's

    The charismatic singer has always been a professional at doing things in his own style, never backing down to anything, no matter how strange, otherworldly, or downright avant-garde. But Rosado doesn't see himself as a symbol of anything other than hard work. 'It's fun to see people think that I have a style that they want to recreate or a look that they're into but, I'm just being me, and I think what's really beautiful is when someone can just feel free to be their own self!'
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    I can't be the last person to know this, what.
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    Jamie Rosado playing a cover of Kaitlyn Monroe's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" only he's kinda drunk on his insta story lol
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    Kaitlyn and Jamie being dorks while recording "ME!"

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    Gif set from Jamie's video with GQ Australia -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7LGyNlB6tQ
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    "I've thought about whether or not I see myself as a role model. I guess other people do. I'm just trying to have a good time. I like what I like. I love music. I want to write songs until I die. I want to love really fucking hard and really fiercely no matter what. And sometimes in the middle of all of that I get some things right, and some times I get some things wrong. I'm allowed to be wrong every once in awhile, I think, because, you know, it's hard to be perfect. Nobody wants to be perfect. Someone really close to me once said 'perfect is boring' and she couldn't have been more right about that. I want a life that's messy, dude! And I'm not going to go into like details or anything, because I just don't think that's the important part right now, but my life has been messy. Your life can be messy, too, and I promise you, I promise you, you'll be okay." - Jamie Rosado in a radio interview with KROQ