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Jamie Rosado @jamieriot
Entertainer. High Note Seeker.
Los Angeles

Joined March 2009
Jamie Rosado @jamieriot ∙ 10 Oct I woke up still on cloud nine from last night. These are the best days of my life. Thank you, everyone!!  649          3.7K          38K        
Jamie Rosado @jamieriot ∙ 9 Oct So excited that we got to be a part of the #AMAs! #livefromadelaide #prayforthewicked
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Jamie Rosado retweeted lina @linamarina ∙ 9 Oct JAMIE SAID OH MY GOD BECAUSE WE WERE SO LOUD!!
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Jamie Rosado @jamieriot ∙ 6 Oct Australia, I've been waiting for you. Let's spread some love and have a great fucking time!  1.9K          19K          40K        
Jamie Rosado @jamieriot ∙ 3 Oct She taught me I could rewrite my history. She's the
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Jamie Rosado @jamieriot ∙ 3 Oct And I don't think I ever clarified this, but "mama" in high hopes is my grandma, we call her Mama Taylor. She's taken care of me for half of my life now.  281          1.3K          24K        
Jamie Rosado @jamieriot ∙ 3 Oct So it's high hopes from here on out. Get ready!!!!!!  302          1.2K          74K        
Jamie Rosado @jamieriot ∙ 3 Oct I love being positive, spreading love, focusing on the real shit in life that matters the most. And I am able to do that when I'm performing for all of you.  198          1.1K          80K        
Jamie Rosado @jamieriot ∙ 3 Oct I've already had to block a number today, so to say I'm not in the fucking mood is an understatement.  142          1.1K          50K        
Jamie Rosado @jamieriot ∙ 3 Oct We're in rehearsals for tour but I can't concentrate completely because people (family) are testing my fucking patience.  305          2.4K          20K        
Jamie Rosado @jamieriot ∙ 3 Oct I'm going to level with you all, today has been a fucking day.  117          3.2K          34K