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    "There's a journey that I'm going on now, and I know it's a process; one with steps and things that will change slowly and things that may change very quickly. I have a dedication to bring more diversity to this career that I love so much. I'm fostering a relationship with writers and producers, because there's a lot of weight to be had when you're in those spaces. I know we've had a few triumphs here and there, but I want so much more, and if that makes me greedy, then so be it."

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    Naomi Wallis for Instyle China

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    Naomi and Becca spotted at brunch in New York, Aug 15, 2020.

    I'm waiting on the real life shippers to go wild with this photo!! Aren't they both single?
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    TIL that Naomi Wallis has a huge thigh tattoo and I just can't stop imagining Eve with a thigh tatoo now!

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    In a recent interview with Variety, Naomi Wallis talks about her career and diversity.

    On Killing Eve: "I'm unfortunately used to being the only Asian person in a room. But I've felt changes happening in the past year or so."

    "I feel like I've been waiting for a show like this to come along for me."

    On Grey's Anatomy: "I fought for my character, challenged the writers, and sometimes that was very difficult for me."
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    Eve Polastri is mood