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Parker Mackensie talks dating, Tenet, industry rumors in NY Times

While it has been no secret that Actor/Director Parker Mackensie and Golden Globe-nominated actress Gwyn Di Luca have been back together after almost a decade apart, the couple has been spotted out and about spending a large amount of time with each other over the past several months in the public eye.

Mackensie just directed Di Luca in his upcoming thriller Tenet, and following the busy filming schedule, the pair vacationed in both Bora Bora and at Sundance Film Festival, making many opportunities to be spotted out and about. However, Mackensie, who has been very outspoken about keeping his life as private as possible, hasn't spoken about their romance until now.

In an interview released Monday for The New York Times, Mackensie gushed about his ex-wife, citing her for a large portion of his recent creative inspirations. "She has always, always been a really hard worker, really dedicated to everything that she does, and stunning on film. That's why it was so easy to work with her on Tenet. I had to beg, believe it or not! But I had very exciting ideas in mind for every one who was a part of that cast, because I wanted to work with all of them on a creative level that would bring out the strengths of everyone's talents. It really is the best feeling when every individual has a stamp that they bring to the project, and then all of that comes together to create what it becomes. It's not a heavy one-sided process for me when I am on a set, when I am directing or behind the camera."

Most recently, the two were spotted doing what appeared to be apartment shopping in New York, prompting a few rumors that they're moving their relationship to the next level.

In the interview, Mackensie was tight lipped on his future, opting not to go into great detail about either his personal or professional endeavors. Strategically, he seemed to avoid indulging the next plans for the couple, and he also veered away from questions about his recent drop as director of Cherry, which will star Trevor Osmond and Caroline Boran. "This is a busy industry and things change often," the article quotes him, and he goes on to note that the future is still bright. "When it's time to know what's next, you'll know."

source - The full NY Times article

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02nd-Mon-2020 10:59am (UTC)
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02nd-Mon-2020 11:07am (UTC)
Here's to hoping they're not a dumpster fire this time around lmao.
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02nd-Mon-2020 11:28am (UTC)
After all these years and they end up together again? They're endgame!!
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02nd-Mon-2020 11:11am (UTC)
Making bets he casts Gwyn in like everything from here on out
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02nd-Mon-2020 11:24am (UTC)
i think it's sweet that they are trying again and this time they don't seem to be doing any of the stuff they were doing before. they're both in their 30's now, careers blossoming, skin is clear, not a care in the world. i say more power to them.
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