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Parker Mackensie @parkermackensie
Hello...is there anybody out there?
New York


Joined September 2013
Parker Mackensie @parkermackensie ∙ Aug 8 Guess who woke up this morning in a great mood.

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Parker Mackensie @parkermackensie ∙ Aug 6 Thank you @nytimes. If you haven't seen this, you better go do it and make me one happy man. #midsommar! #happysolstice
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Parker Mackensie retweeted deja fu @crispycities12 ∙ Aug 4 BE STILL MY LITTLE FANDOM HEART! MY OTP IS WORKING ON A FILM TOGETHER. #gwynandparker  20          1.9K          3K        
Parker Mackensie @parkermackensie ∙ Aug 4 I don't like to watch films when I'm in the midst of directing one, but I saw Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and have to praise the genius of Guillermo del Toro. @RealGDT  425          1K          847        
Parker Mackensie @parkermackensie ∙ Aug 4 Can finally announce the queen of dragons will be in my latest film and I can't wait. @gwyndiluca is a talent, a beauty and a treasure.
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Parker Mackensie @parkermackensie ∙ Aug 4 And I'm not talking about a Green Goblin movie, wow that was 12 years ago get a life you fuckers.  281          1.3K          24K        
Parker Mackensie @parkermackensie ∙ Aug 4 In case there was any confusion, I'm not talking about a video game movie that I may or may not be a part of.  281          1.3K          24K        
Parker Mackensie @parkermackensie ∙ Aug 4 I'm sworn to fucking secrecy otherwise I'd tell you even more about it, but until I
can dish out the details, just know I am working hard to bring this project to life.
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Parker Mackensie @parkermackensie ∙ Aug 4
Or maybe not, but you're going to be blown away.
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Parker Mackensie @parkermackensie ∙ Aug 4 Let me get this out before the execs make me delete it or some shit: It's unlike anything I've directed before. This script is insane. The premise of the story is something you may have been waiting for.  305          2.4K          20K        
Parker Mackensie @parkermackensie ∙ Aug 4 One of my least favorite things is how secretive the industry can be. But TRUST ME, you're going to want to be on board for my latest film.  284          1.4K          20K