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Parker Mackensie @parkermackensie
Hello...is there anybody out there?
New York


Joined September 2013
Parker Mackensie @parkermackensie ∙ Jan 13 @BoranCaroline I hope you like your delivery.
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Parker Mackensie @parkermackensie ∙ Jan 13 WELL, now that I've got your attention. Moving on to more exciting things...I'm happy to add @BoranCaroline to the cast of Cherry. I've been dying to work with her and she graciously agreed to bring her talents to this film!  758          686          914        
Parker Mackensie retweeted Sophia Colman @sophiacolman ∙ Jan 13 She said it
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Parker Mackensie @parkermackensie ∙ Jan 13 I know that comment might get me "banned" in the future, if they ever even gave a fuck about little ole me to begin with. (5/5)  3.6K          2K          6.3K        
Parker Mackensie @parkermackensie ∙ Jan 13 I'm not impressed at the general fuckery that comes with the politics associated with the Academy and its reward system based on money, flair, who you know, the color of your skin, your sexual expression and your gender identity. (4/5)
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Parker Mackensie @parkermackensie ∙ Jan 13 Do not get me wrong, I am WILDLY impressed with so many of these nominees and projects on the academy's list. It's the projects that are kept OFF the list and the clear motivations behind that which spurs concern from me. (3/5)  423          3K          1.4K        
Parker Mackensie @parkermackensie ∙ Jan 13 ...and while it is nice to be recognized by an award system, it negates what we strive to acheive in our medium when that "value" is based not on talent, but a system that is corrupt and skewed based on how much money you throw at it. (2/5)  301          2K          1.1K        
Parker Mackensie @parkermackensie ∙ Jan 13 The value of art is inherent only on an individual basis from those who consume it and love it and feel something from it (1/5)  759          11.3K          8K        
Parker Mackensie @parkermackensie ∙ Jan 13 Congratulations to my incredible screenwriter for their nomination for @KnivesOut. I however won't be attending the Oscars this year (and they know this and understand).  809          4.4K          2K        
Parker Mackensie @parkermackensie ∙ Jan 13 Congratulations to my crazy talented friends, @avavanatta, @jackpreston, @florence_pugh, Jarin Blaschke, Sam Mendes on your well deserved nominations. You are all phenomenal at your craft.  245          68K          28.5K