rossiking How the Grinch *saved Christmas
beaniefeldstein it's the mini santa hat for me
6.42__pm that 90s turtleneck got me singing merry christmas and happy holidays
lennonstella Such a beauty
sarahh.gomes Merry Christmas Angel
xlovelyros You are a wonderful person, thank you for making 2020 bearable with your talent and amazing beautiful face!!!
itsjess.icaa I almost came up in here like the instagram mom but forgot you're 21 now
rossiking Reminding my family that I am a gift.
rowanblanchard aw, i'm sure they won't even ask about the return policy
rossiking @rowanblanchard i made sure to delete the receipt
love4rossi the greatest gift of all!!!
rossiking Familia
camilajuarez No sabí a que tomaste esta foto, tú y tus primas se ven tan bien! te amo mis niñas
rossiking @camilajuarez tomamos justo antes champagne. te quiero mamá
k7tie_ i want that headband
chartrusty loves uuuu
adxn_bby so we're just not gonna talk about how she speaks spanish??
haileydisneyluver @adxn_bby her mom is literally from spain
stardustinabluesky still waiting on the skin care routine girl you are always glowing
xorossilove I love the person you are, don't ever change please
dierdralala oh this looks pretty
keiryn.hang where is this?
enne105 That's mistletoe SO i'm sorry but I have to ask who you were with???
voteforhopeee @enne105 you don't have to ask actually, we can not do things like that, its 2020
enne105 @voteforhopeee um yes i do have to ask actually i can if i want to and it's not like this isn't a public post and it's mistletoe so i wanna know, like lbr who wouldn't
voteforhopeee @enne105 she shared a pretty picture during the holiday time and its literally none of your business tho???
karexnaa rossi who did you kiss?
rayrayrog MISTLETOE, who got lucky, i'll meet you there
ticolvss WHO
redheadedhannah rossi whooooo
tinnawhale omg everyone she already talks about this in her last post!! let's try and be respectful and kind, please.
rossiking So I've never had to do this before! But I guess it needs to be done. I'm not usually the kind of person to address things like this. Sometimes I have a really bad habit of pretending like things are okay or letting things slide even when I know I should probably be speaking up for myself. It's easy to speak up for others, but for myself, I let my voice get lost sometimes. I'm not going to do that anymore!

I had to turn off comments on my last post and this post, because there was an overwhelming amount of people saying really disrespectful things about me and about people in my life that I care about. I know there's always going to be haters on the internet, and people are going to be innapropriate on the internet, too. Usually I just ignore them because it's a comment here or there, and honestly sometimes I don't read them at all. (Sorry not sorry!) I love checking in with all of you, my fans, but when it comes to the negative comments, I breeze past them and don't pay them any attention.

But a couple days ago, I couldn't help when I noticed so so many comments come through just saying really inappropriate things. If you want to get to know me or are curious about what is going on in my life, then I get that. But I will never, ever condone misogyny or sexist remarks all over my page. This isn't the place for it!!! There is no place for it!!! I'm calling out all of you who decided to do that!!!

There are so many other important things in the world than my dating and sex life. Please be respectful of others, but also be respectful of yourself. There's just no need to act this way towards anyone, at all.

To those of you who do not participate in this kind of behavior online and are here to uplift and love and spread happiness, I adore you, and I look forward to all the things we can all share together this holiday season and in 2021. My babes, my supporters, I love you all.
rossiking It's officially the holiday season when I'm helping my mom bake!
flowermorais_ omg been waiting for you to post, you've been really quiet ever since the scandal
souliscaterin woah she finally posted, thought we would forget WE DID NOT SPILL THE TEA LMAO
adqrezv out of hiding now???
joyfulrossii @flowermorais_ you're stupid, that literally wasn't a scandal
flowermorais_ @joyfulrossii so wtf do you call getting caught sleeping with two people at the same time
sabstom she's back! but enough about the cookies, we want to know the real question: who are you banging?
alex73950254 fucking hot licking
torobot0 bet shane likes that
aislinnmurphyy i think it's so disgusting what she did, tbh. it's not cool to string two people along.
smokeandfire who is her bf???
simo_mp @aislinnmurphyy she didn't do anything wrong. imagine how she feels with people like you on here?
aislinnmurphyy @simo_mp imagining it with the smallest violin in the world
nolaw @aislinnmurphyy two hot guys, come on that's a w
rhys794 omg wow awesome, cookies looking good
evuu.gonzalez ceo of slutty things
ccristjna is she dating Will?
69.420k disgusting fr
miavds CUTIE
karpast my childhood ruined tho
scottkinghair the way people are acting is so uncalled for, don't listen to them rossi, you are our QUEEN!!!
iamcarmelia girl you do you and let the haters hate, also those cookies look amazing fr!
thequeentheking_ ugh big yikes on this comment section, i'm sorry queen
thelovelyrossi__ you are my fave celeb by far, i just love how unique and bubbly and kind you are, so just remember that your fans love you and we don't mind (well i don't mind) standing up to people who try to put you down!!