4:15 pm - 10/05/2019

Sabal Coy's Sunshine Kitty Party, Singer takes a famous actor home!

Pop songstress Sabal Coy celebrated the release of her latest album in absolute style! The English singer threw a private party at the hip Avalon Nightclub in Los Angeles and invited all her famous friends, which surprisingly included a slew of Hollywood's elite.

But the real news that has tongues wagging is how the ultra sexy "Habits" singer was spotted leaving her party with Game of Thrones actor Luke Lelliott. Reportedly the two were seen heading to Sabal's hotel, late night once the party at Avalon was wrapping up.

If the two were "Talking Bodies", there may be a new ship on the horizon!


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5th-Oct-2019 04:20pm (UTC)
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5th-Oct-2019 04:22pm (UTC)
Waaaaay too early to say "couple" though.
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5th-Oct-2019 04:23pm (UTC)
And isn't Sabal like poly or something?
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5th-Oct-2019 04:28pm (UTC)
she hasn't talked about it much, but she did say in this interview that she doesn't do labels.
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5th-Oct-2019 04:25pm (UTC)
I would kill to be a fly on that wall
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5th-Oct-2019 04:32pm (UTC)
sounds like a streeeeeeeetch
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5th-Oct-2019 04:38pm (UTC)
two hot people leaving a party together? sounds like a damn good time.
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