Slebs ("celebs") is meant to be a fun, friendly, exciting place for us to explore our faux-celeb characters, both old and new!

Anything goes here (within reason of course) and we're not trying to put a whole lot of restrictions in place. We all know how to play nice with others. ;)

As of now, the comm is invite only, so if you have someone who is not currently a member who would like to join, please comment who they are here.

Have fun!!!

we don't require examples here!

we also don't require a bio but it is heavily recommended so that others can get to know your character!

have your credits ready before applying.

the app is friends locked, so if you would like to vouch for a new member, comment who they are here

This is a very laid-back game, but we're going to put a few activity guidelines in to help encourage people to be active.

activity cycles last for one month and end on the 30th day of each month. please post a link to your activity in the members area here.

every member is required to comment on at least 1 post on the friends page and post 1 interactive update per month. comments must be responded to on your interactive post. an interactive post can be anything you want and any length you want! examples:
QOTD or quizzes
instagram/social media posts
news articles / gossip
community wide threads

and of course, feel free to post as many narratives or non interactive posts as you want! we don't care if someone is on the friends page often, just have fun.